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{ Be Good. }

I have had issues controlling my anger and feelings when I think I should be better at something than I am, or I fail at something seemingly trivial. Video games can be a real instigator of this kind of emotional imbalance and I have caught myself saying or doing things that I don’t agree with like getting upset with my teammates, quitting mid-game, and hitting my desk. { Be Good. } is a sort of mantra I started thinking when I find myself in one of those situations. It evolved from the phrase “be better”. But being better is a rather unobtainable goal. It implies that no matter how good you are being or what you are doing, it’s not enough and there is more you could and should be doing. This is can be overwhelming so I moved towards { Be Good. }. Anyone can be good. No matter where you are in life, how much money you have, the people you are with; anyone can { Be Good. }. It just takes a bit of thought and consideration. { Be Good. }



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